Uniting Brand With Audience Through Video.
Give Your Vision, Vision.


Valency is the combining power between elements. When two atoms form a bond, they share their outermost electrons to create more sustainable energy states and forge something new, exciting, and beautiful.

At Visual Valency we know everything is connected, but most importantly we understand the necessity of connecting your audience with your vision - giving it life, purpose, filling it with energy. And we believe video is the best way to achieve this connection.

Let us magnify the focus of your story, bringing knowledge and detail from depth to surface.

Let's create something special.


Choose an affordable service that fits your needs and engages your audience, creating customer loyalty, and driving sales.

Branded Content

Memorably engage your audience with an extensive deep dive into what makes your company unique.

Social Media

Cohesively showcase your offerings with brevity and impact

Real Estate Media

Shine the spotlight on your listing with high quality marketing content.

Aerial Video

Bring a bird's eye perspective to your property or project. FAA Part 107 certified.

Our number 1 priority is our clients. Working with us you can be sure that your ideas and vision will be translated into high quality video.
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"Cortesia Herbal Products had the privilege of using Brandon's talents. He is interested in knowing how he can best capture your personal connection to your product. He knows his craft and has the proper equipment. And he creates a project timeline for delivery and keeps you informed of progress."

"Our company is fortunate to have found such a person in Brandon at Visual Valency. We plan to continue to use his expertise for our business and personal needs, and to recommend him to others."